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Beyond the relaxation it provides, the benefits of swimming are well proven, and at Kineo we also offer water aerobics through Aquagym.

Invented in France about fifteen years ago, Aquagym is a form of gymnastics performed in the water.

A very complete sport, considered one of the safest, it can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age, including pregnant women. The Aquagym is a form of  physical activity that involves the whole body: abs, buttocks, thighs, arms, shoulders, ... Thanks to the marvellous powers of water, all this activity goes smoothly, allowing you to attain or maintain good fitness while providing rest and relaxation.

The water, as the body’s ally, avoids excessive stress on joints, muscles and tendons, removing inflammatory and traumatic risks. It reduces aches, sprains, strains, and, in the water, it’s like you weigh just one-tenth of your weight, so all exercises are easier.

When you’re in the water in an upright position, which is the case in Aquagym, the water exerts a pressure on the body, which increases gradually from the surface to the depths, greatly improving the venous and lymphatic circulation. In addition, the pressure the water exerts during the  movements activates a very effective massage that stimulates blood flow.

In the first moments of the session, we first use the body’s sugar (glucose). Then, after 30 to 45 minutes, it’s the fats (lipids) that we are burning. The use of fats will is to be preferred when we are doing an exercise of medium intensity. The aquatic massage and pressure will help mobilize fat deposits under the skin that are involved in the formation of cellulite (by freeing them up  in the blood circulation).

It is very clear that the effects will be further amplified if we associate moderate control over food intake, including adequate fluid intake, and an optimal intake of dietary fibre.

It’s in our genuine Aquagym pools, heated to 29 °, where the depth allows you to walk everywhere, that you can enjoy all these benefits. Like the movement of the waves over smooth pebbles on the beach, let your body be sculpted the aquatic massage that Aquagym provides.

Regular physical activity actively contributes to weight loss. Indeed, the body starts to burn its fat stores after 30 to 40 minutes of exercise. During the first half hour, sugars serve as the fuel, making way for lipids after 30 min.

Any physical activity results in energy expenditure. This depends on your lifestyle, your professional activity, and your level of physical activity. Weight loss is directly related to energy balance, that is to say the difference between energy intake and energy expenditure. If it is positive (more intake than expenditure), weight gain is favoured; if it is negative (more expenditure than intake) weight loss is triggered.

At Kineo, we have invested in an impedance meter scale that allow us to determine exactly what your body composition is, and thus to better orient your training program. The principle: a small amount of electrical current goes through your body, and this measures the total volume of water, and therefore, the amount of muscle or lean tissue. The difference between the body weight and lean tissue expresses the weight of your body fat.

This method is very useful to highlight the "transformation" of the body: at first, sports will lead to increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass, which will have the effect of stabilising your weight while the body matures and strengthens. Thereafter, your weight decreases.






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