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Choices for all tastes and all ages!

Every week, dozens of group classes are scheduled in our different centres. Several objectives are possible: endurance, tone, weight loss, flexibility, psychomotor skills, and... having fun in a playful and super friendly atmosphere.

All our group class teachers are the professionals who regularly follow professional development training. They are among the best in Wallonia. Discover our group classes in the centre of your choice.


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Our group classes:


A class based on conventional aerobic movements and exercises for toning, using the weight of the body.


This brings together the benefits of aquatic activity with those of “on land” bikes. A super high efficiency activity, the aquabike offers various exercises. The water’s resistance increases the effort required, and many muscles are worked, such as the buttocks, calves, and also the back and the abs. Thanks to the straps, the arms and shoulders are also worked out.


A gymnastics course aimed at very lightly slightly choreographed aquatic gymnastics.


Toning and cardiovascular aerobics classes.


A traditional aquatic exercise class.


An Aquagym class using foam dumbbells for resistance training in the water.


Very light Aquagym intended for people wishing to start smoothly.


Dynamism, energy and calories are the watchwords of this aquatic course, using the full range of the exercise in the water.


Burn calories and lose weight with Zumba, now also possible with Aquazumba!


Based on an amazing mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, posture exercises and relaxation, this program combines the best of all the gentle gymnastics of the world, to help you make your body more flexible, stronger, more resilient, and more relaxed. This course is for everyone, from 20 to 70 years of age, whether athletic or not.


Voted best muscle training in the world, and practiced by millions of enthusiasts, Bodypump is a class for building the most effective and simplest change to your body. Fun, while aimed at physical outcomes, and less dull than solo strength training, this is the best quality of training through the supervision of the coach.


Combines Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates exercises. You leave relaxed, toned, calm, and centred.


A real athletic challenge, the Body Attack class is complete, simple and effective. A class orchestrated with catchy music and simple patterns to optimise physical endurance and mental strength.


Dance fitness classes that take you through extraordinary experiences through all styles! A cardio class, whose goal is to burn calories by having as much fun as possible with rhythms. The only dance class that’s accessible to all! Come and shake your body to the sounds of hip hop, salsa, dance, funk, and jazz.


A muscle building course accessible to everyone. Using small equipment (weights, elastics, steps...), it allows you to tone all major muscle groups in a harmonious way.

TAB (Thighs Abs Buttocks)- LBW (Lower Body Workout)

A fitness course with the objective of toning muscle and strengthening the lower body. The work consists of exercises standing and on the floor, done with or without movement. The exercises primarily target muscle groups such as the abdominal belt, the glutes, and the legs. This course is ideal for shaping, toning and firming the lower body!


An Australian concept based on both deep and soft techniques, such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais. It is done with a small coloured ball with scented essential oil. This original course revolutionises the world of the "mind and body".


This course is the ultimate solution to get abs of concrete and a back of steel.


A course done using large balls for general muscle building and the deep stabilising of muscles, while improving flexibility. The use of a ball gives this course a playful character while allowing beginners as well as initiates to progress towards an intense and harmonious the whole body workout.


Strengthening of the back and abs in a gentle way, muscle stretching, especially the back, with mental and physical relaxation to complete the course.


Gymnastics and fitness courses consisting of soft and safe exercises which allow a full physical workout. This course also pays great attention to the improvement of maintenance and the health of the spine.

FIT GYM (Body Conditioning)

A comprehensive fitness course using muscle exercises with or without load, and cardiovascular workouts on the floor or on steps. New methods such as "Pilates" now enrich its content, making it an essential tool for your health and fitness!


Especially designed for women, this course alternates muscle work and cardio. The main goal: give a slight curve, and redraw your figure.


This course, available to all, aims to improve posture and flexibility to give more freedom of movement to the body. Body and balancing work in an open space. Improves body harmony.


Do you suffer from back or joint pain, and want to start a sport activity gradually? Kineo Fit is the perfect course for you! Designed on an Osteopathic base, with stretching and exercises to be done smoothly, this course is the essence of the Kineo philosophy.


Course danced to Latin music (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata,...) Just like the Zumba this course, this class allows you to keep in shape and enhance your figure in a festive atmosphere.


This class includes simple and fun aerobics, muscle building for the upper and lower body (thighs, abs, glutes) as well as stretching. Responsive, scalable, and complete.


The Pilates method: a gentle technique to work the muscles in depth, to prevent the tension problems due to daily life. Concentration, breathing, centering, control, precision, fluidity, insulation, and routine are the eight principles of this technique. "It is the spirit itself that builds the body" --Joseph Pilates. 


The "calorie killer," or how to burn 800 calories in 45 minutes! A cardio course on bike, the goal is to burn fat and sculpt the legs and buttocks.


Even if dance is no longer natural to you. With the 12 current greatest hits, the great classics of Dance Music and the modern rhythms of Latin, Sh'Bam is the way to train that is the most fun, and the most sociable.

STEP 1,2,3

A choreographed cardio course without joint impact, carried out on a step platform of adjustable height. This activity consists of going up and down on the platform, while doing 'fun' and original choreographed steps. STEP 1 is the beginner level, Step 2 is the intermediate level, and Step 3 is the advanced level. On your "starting blocks"... and go!


An original course using different relaxation techniques designed to lengthen the muscles and loosen the joints. The techniques of muscle chains, yoga, and sophrology are all sources of inspiration in the design of this course. The 'Zen' effect is guaranteed.


An original course inspired by the philosophy of Yoga and based on modern stretching techniques using the latest scientific research. The course is a subtle combination of muscle toning, relaxation, balance work, and relaxation, as well as a powerful emphasis on breathing.


 Practise a thousand-year-old technique, Tai Chi Quan is based on a defensive martial art of Chinese origin. Using the vital energy, Tai Chi Quan promotes relaxation and muscle tone, while developing concentration, and improving self-confidence. Practiced all over the world, it is performed by Chinese people of all ages, the sport health par excellence. Access to courses at all times of the year, whatever your level. (Beginners welcome)


 This course is built according to the method of circuit training, alternating phases of building muscle (for toning) and cardiovascular phases (for fat burning). Small equipment is used, such as dumbbells, elastics or steps.


We do Hatta-Yoga. Gentle postures are associated with the control of breathing and relaxation work. Deep and conscious breathing is an integral part of the session, as it will directly result in a deep relaxation of the mind.


Exercises without “constraints", combining movements with high and low intensity, which allow you to stay in shape and maintain your figure in a festive spirit. Let yourself be carried away by the Latin American rhythms and music of the world.






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