There are many definitions for the term "coaching".

“Process of awakening of your own potential.”

“Personalised guidance.”

“Relationship of monitoring for a defined period.”

At all of the Kineo clubs, you can improve your quality of life through a regular, personalised sports practice, under the guidance of health and sport professionals.

Our centres cater for all audiences: from the elite athlete through to the sedentary, up to people who are at times suffering from health problems.

The programs are always personalised according to your needs and the goals you wish to achieve.

All ages are represented. Everyone can find the activity that suits them best, and our subscription possibilities give you access to all the centres... and all the activities!

Guidance is provided by real health professionals (physiotherapists and gym teachers) who regularly monitor your training sessions.

Some teachers of group classes have references from all over Belgium. They are the best, and are at your service.

All these strengths make our facilities and high-end centres accessible to all.


Finally, we really stress hospitality and a friendly environment.

Being a member of the Kineo group is belonging to a large family where you forge social ties and friendships. Sport, relaxation, and wellness are the ingredients of pure happiness on a daily basis.

Join us and we will be happy to give you a demonstration!

And if you want a relationship that’s more exclusive, ''private'' coaches are also at your disposal. (extra)



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