Zoom into Aquabiking, the new exercise that’s accessible  to all

Because doing sports in the water accentuates the efficiency of your workout and makes you feel lighter...

Take up this activity that’s all the range and spreading through centres equipped with a pool: The Aquabike! 

The principle is to  get onto an Aquabike, a stationary stainless steel bike set up in  a pool, the water chest-high, and let yourself be guided by a coach who will show you a series of exercises  to do.

On average, the session lasts thirty to forty minutes depending on the centre.

You will be asked to pedal at different speeds and in various positions, with the goal of increasing the combined effects of the water and the bike on your body.

The concept of Aquabiking is this combination, which includes many benefits to the body both for health and beauty.

Goodbye to soreness

When you do any activity whatsoever in the water, you exert ten times more effort than in the open air.

This additional resistance is simultaneously attenuated by the weightlessness and lightness in the water.

In short you suffer less while being more effective, and also protecting your joints.

Muscles submerged in water are automatically exercised with care.

They are the muscles in the front of the thighs, the stomach and the back, and the agonist and antagonist muscles.

The benefits to your body

This combination is well formulated, since it allows you to optimize the cardio, your lung capacity, and the feeling of heavy legs, as the Aquabike activates your circulation and venous blood return.

These exercise sessions are perfect for muscle toning and flexibility.

The hydrostatic pressure and the movement of the water reduces body fat and has a magical effect on cellulite and loose skin.

Regular training on the Aquabike lets you strengthen your natural defences and better fight external wear and tear.

Who is it for?

Accessible to all, the Aquabike has convinced athletes, seniors, overweight people, and everyone else who is eager to take care of their body, their health and their personal well-being.

The Aquabike is also for people who have arthritis, osteoporosis, or joint problems.

This practice is also recommended for rehabilitation, after a long period of inactivity.

5 good reasons to choose the Aquabike:

• your back is supported
• your joints are protected 
• your heart rate is lower than in spinning, for example
• your muscles are less stressed and produce less lactic acid, which helps prevent muscle soreness 
• your general well-being is optimized  

 What equipment is needed?

For an effective session, please bring Aquafitness shoes, your motivation, and your swimsuit.





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